Black Dress Photography®

Our specialty is fashion, beauty, fine art and portrait photography
for advertisement, editorial and personal commissions.

Working in studio and on-location, Kevin Robinson and his team
are available domestically in the United States and internationally.

We utilize both digital and film based technologies.

Additional services include image retouching and Giclée printing.

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About - Black Dress Photography®

Kevin Robinson

Photographer, Visual Artist

Fueled by Creativity
Driven by Passion

Kevin began his pursuit of photography, at age fourteen, with film cameras as a member of the Southern California backpacking & mountaineering community in California’s San Jacinto Mountains & Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Over the years Kevin has photographed numerous subject matters, honed his craft, taught others and continues to pursue photography with boundless enthusiasm. “Photography is my passion and the opportunity to create memorable images is what gives me purpose.”

Kevin also enjoys shooting street photography and other genres; he describes these moments as inspiring, centering and grounding.

Kevin is professional, easy going and definitely fun to work with.

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About - Black Dress Photography®

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