Kevin Robinson

Photographer, Visual Artist

Hi I’m Kevin, owner and founder of Black Dress Photography®

My specialty is fashion, beauty, fine art and portrait photography
for advertisement, editorial and personal commissions.

The ability to create and be creative are what give me purpose.

Photography and working with people are my passion.

My personal slogan is, “Fueled by Creativity and Driven by Passion”.

My team and I photograph worldwide in studio and on location.

Connect when you’re ready to start your next photography project!

ABOUT - Black Dress Photography®

Our Services

Whether you’re a business
or an individual, wanting to
make your brand or look
stand out in the crowd,
we’ve got you covered.

Fashion Photography
Beauty Photography
Fine Art Photography
Black & White Photography
Portrait Photography
Intimate Portrait Photography
Urban Portrait Photography
Image Retouching
and more…

ABOUT - Black Dress Photography®

Let's Work Together!


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